My Simple Adventures
My Simple Adventures
A blog about slow living, simple travel and lifestyle.
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I’m Gunel. I’m part writer, part photographer at and I’m so happy that you’ve found minimalist travel & lifestyle blog. Welcome!

I always liked simple things in life. Simple travels. Simple living. Simple adventures.

So why not create a life less complicated? 

In summer last year,  I’ve made a decision to declutter my life, my wardrobe and relationships and embark on a slower life, a life with some intention. It’s a tough quest as it surely won’t happen overnight. Living in London makes it even more difficult, as there’s always SO MUCH going on.

And then I’ve lost my blog and now I’m starting over.

It’s a brand new opportunity for me to fill these pages with lots of adventure, reflections on life and relationships, London tips and photography.

Come join me!