December 22, 2019

I failed at the 30-day minimalism challenge and here’s why

I failed at the 30-day minimalism challenge and here's why

Last month, I decided to take on a 30-day minimalism challenge and I failed. Utterly, completely failed.

What is a 30-day minimalism challenge?

Each day for 30 days, you complete a small assignment which can be anything from downsizing your beauty collection to letting go of a relationship that no longer adds value to your life. Throughout the process you get a chance to evaluate your closet, daily routine, relationships etc. for clutter or inefficiency and try to get rid of them.

I failed the challenge

I’m not going to lie, even though it’s quite a straightforward challenge it requires a huge amount of commitment to stick to it and do it properly.

This weekend I took some time to think about the challenge and why I was not able to complete it.

My first thought was moving to a new country perhaps wasn’t the right time for it. I did massively under-estimate how full-on and hectic things would get before and after the move. And I’m not talking about packing. Rather the social commitments and admin that comes with the move.

It was incredibly challenging to find the time to commit to this each and every day.  After about a week into the challenge, I have missed a day or two – therefore, I technically lost the challenge.

What I learned from the challenge

What seems like a 5 mins task, can easily take 2 hours. So the planning and commitment is the key. If you want to take on this minimalism challenge, I’d suggest to look at each assignment properly and allocate a time slot, as in what time of the day are you going to tackle it. Think of your work schedule, social commitments etc. – and plan ahead.

Pick a month that you know you don’t have too much going on. I would probably pick February to take on this challenge. It’s normally much quieter for me, and doing it will be a great motivation boost to carry on living simply and sustainably.

There you go – the reasons why I failed at the 30-day minimalism challenge and how you can do better.

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