June 23, 2019

Minimalist Packing: How to travel with less

I’ve been living a rather minimalistic lifestyle for last 2 or so years and am enjoying it so much. As opposed to many people I know, owning less stuff makes me so much happier.

Starting a journey towards minimalism has helped me to find out what is most important to me, what adds value to my life and makes me happy and content.

And I’m regularly getting rid of things that don’t. Because we are surrounded by clutter in our everyday lives and it’s just impossible to declutter it all in one day and be done with it.

This, of course, comes down to your individual perception of what ‘clutter’ is. For me, clutter is anything and everything that doesn’t add value to my life or doesn’t make me happy – so I don’t limit it to material items only. You can have clutter everywhere; from your closet to kitchen to to-do list to relationships.


When it comes to travelling, I have the same minimalist mindset – travelling with as less stuff as possible. Minimalist travel is not really about owning less but the mentality of realizing the difference between wanting things and needing things. I have to be honest, sometimes for us – girls, it’s really tough – especially if we’re going on a beach holiday. But it’s do-able, trust me.

Carrying less stuff not only lightens the weight of the travel bag but also your inner conscious – as you know that you have everything you need, nothing more, nothing less.

I can’t remember the last time I’ve checked-in a suitcase. I travel with either a backpack or a hand-luggage.

My packing list is very basic and so is my personal style. I love simple shapes, colours, and cuts. I don’t spend money on well-known expensive brands, just because they are expensive. I much rather buy the things that last, look good on me, are durable and practical.

Obviously, everyone’s style is different – and my style may not be the same as yours, but it doesn’t mean you can’t pick up a thing or 2 from this post. Hopefully, below list will give you an overall idea of what you might need on the journey (or a long weekend in below example).


Most important things:


Clothing essentials:


Toiletry essentials:

Makeup (optional):


Medical kit:



I hope you have found my minimalist packing list useful. You can download it here.

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Minimalist Packing: How to travel with less


Over to you: do you travel minimally, or pack a lot of stuff?

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