August 20, 2019

The Seven Sisters Hike: Seaford to Eastbourne

The Seven Sisters hike

My love for hiking has blossomed after moving to London. Same as with my other passions, London has had a big influence in figuring out what I enjoy the most and what sets my soul on fire. Adventures (big or small), walking, exploring, house music, gigs, festivals – to name a few of them.

I should admit that when it comes to my UK bucket list, even after 10 years living here, I feel like it might take me several more lifetimes to complete it.

This year I decided to focus on the mini-adventures in the UK – especially more of walking and hiking. I walk a lot in London. If it takes me under an hour to walk somewhere, I’ll just walk. It’s a great way to hit that daily step count, admire the city and somewhat contribute to the environment.

As for hikes, there are many day hikes near London that I’ve set myself to try this summer. The first one (and I heard it’s the best one too) was hiking from Eastbourne to Seaford via Seven Sisters. I can assure you – on a sunny day – you’re in for an absolute treat.

What are the Seven Sisters?

The Seven Sisters is a series of chalk cliffs that can be found on the coast of East Sussex, located between Seaford and Eastbourne.

Each cliff has its own name, but the collective name is a bit deceiving as there are, in fact, eight peaks located in the Seven Sisters range. The last peak was created due to erosion so don’t worry if you think you counted incorrectly when hiking.

How to get to the Seven Sisters from London?

You can drive or hop on a train from Victoria. If you are getting a train, you’ll need to change at Lewes, to get to Seaford. I suggest purchasing a single ticket to Lewes,  a single from Lewes to Seaford, and a single from Eastbourne to London.

The Seven Sisters - beautiful view over the cliffs

How to prepare for the hike?

I read somewhere that this hike is quite challenging – they rated it 10 out of 10.

I will disagree with that and rate this hike as a difficulty about 4 out of 10. Anyone with no or little hiking experience can totally nail this hike. Yes, you will have to climb the cliffs, but they are not very tall – and some of them are very small.

I did this hike on my own and I met so many friendly locals and tourists along the way – so you’re not very isolated. If you feel like cutting it short, you can always hop on the bus and return to either Seaford or Eastbourne.

In terms of clothing, that depends on the weather. I went there on a very sunny day and got sunburnt even. I wore my gym gear (sports bra, leggings and trainers) and took small Fjallraven backpack which fits my hiking essentials (water, some snack bars, banana, GoPro and notebook).

I would recommend comfortable shoes and a windbreaker jacket in case it gets cold and windy.

If you want to take a hiking stick, that’s ok – but to be honest, you don’t need it.

If you’re hiking in summer (like me), don’t forget to take a good sunscreen – as the sun is pretty strong there, even if it seems cloudy.

What to expect?

If you’re hiking the full hike from Seaford to Eastbourne, be prepared for breathtaking views!

Coastal views, rolling hills, lighthouses, beach towns, dramatic chalk cliffs: the landscapes are indeed some of the most beautiful and scenic in England.

Here's a complete guide for hiking the Seven Sisters; Seaford to Eastbourne.


Other tips:

Let me know if you do this hike and tag me on your pics @my_simple_adventures  on Instagram so I can have a sneak peek 🙂

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The Seven Sisters Hike: Seaford to Eastbourne

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  1. Rachel says:

    I lived in Brighton for two years and would come to Seven Sisters often! I’d take the train to Eastbourne and hike through town to Beachy Head, it’s always so lovely.

    Rachel ||

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