May 10, 2020

25 things to do at home

The Netherlands is currently on ‘intelligent lockdown’ – and yes, I love that adjective. Makes me feel kinda relaxed and perhaps a bit more positive.

Surely it has its ups and downs but we’re all adjusting to a new normal. All of Amsterdam’s cafes and restaurants are closed, and we should only go outside if it’s absolutely necessary – to get groceries or a bit of exercise. I’ve been working from home for almost 2 months now. I remember the first week was the toughest one for me – as my routine has changed 180 degrees in literally one day. Not being able to go to the gym, see friends and colleagues, to wander around the city freely – all those small everyday things that we take for granted have suddenly become a forbidden activity.

To most people I know, I seem to be an extrovert. I love adventures and travelling, festivals and parties. I do. But I’m also a huge introvert. I need alone time to refuel, to nourish my body, to clear my head, to catch up on my reading, to chill at home and relax. As a very organised introvert, I’ve started making a list of the things to do at home, that helps me to stay sane, healthy and more importantly, to stay positive about life and future in my new dutch home 🙂

have broken this list down to specific areas like self-improvement, health, home/kitchen and slow time. Covid or not, hopefully, this list gives brings you some new ideas and inspiration.

                                                                                                                                                                                                  My favourite spot in the house when it’s sunny

 Things to do at home

I have broken this list down to specific areas like self-improvement, health, home/kitchen and slow time.

Covid or not, hopefully, this list gives brings you some new ideas and inspiration.

[Home and Kitchen]

Try a new recipe. This is still in progress for me. I can’t say I’m trying a new recipe every day, or even every other day. But I have scoped out a few recipes I want to learn and master during this lockdown period.

Bake something. I feel like every 2nd person I’m talking to baked a banana bread sometime during this self-isolation times. Nothing wrong with banana bread, just saying.

Deep clean your house. 

Add some plants to your space. 


Learn a new language.

I am currently attempting to learn Dutch. I’ve tried out online group class but decided that it’s not for me. I prefer self-study –  so I downloaded Babbel app and I’m taking it slow and learning bits and pieces every day.

I’m happy to say my vocabulary now includes a bit more than ‘lekker’ and ‘gezellig’.

Tour famous museums online. You can view thousands of paintings, sculptures, installations online, as well as explore the museums themselves. Here are 10 of the world’s best virtual museum and art gallery tours 

Research something you’ve been curious about for a long time. 

Take an online course. I find Skillshare very useful with this – by just browsing the topics on there, I always find subjects I’m curious about and add them to my playlist to watch.

Start a side hustle. Whether it’s an online shop, a blog or Shutterstock account – why not earn some money while doing what you do best and are passionate about?

[Health and Wellness]

Do a home workout. Whether it’s yoga, morning stretch or 20 min HIIT workout – get yourself into a routine to do some sort of exercise a day. I love yoga and strength workouts – and I’m using Fiit and Nike Training apps. You can select a plan that fits your goals and the app will customize the workouts for you and create a plan.

Pamper yourself. Have a self-care day – I’m talking hair mask, body scrub, all in!


Declutter your wardrobe.

Create a new Spotify playlist or organize your old ones.

Organise your finances.

Clean out and throw away old beauty products.

Create a vision board. Who says vision boards are for January? To me, a vision board is a mix of dreams and plans with a healthy dose of quotes to live by.

Review your social media. Do you have too many accounts? Do you need to let go of some? Review your social media and unfollow the accounts you don’t need.

[For slow time]

Binge on your favourite TV show. I don’t normally watch a lot of TV, but I definitely have some TV shows I’d always binge on. Outlander and Vikings, and some BBC dramas made my list. What about you?

Read a good book. Always up for recommendations – drop me your favourite book in the comments.

Facetime someone.

Take lots of naps.

Catch up on digital reading. I have a list of blogs and e-magazines that I love, covering everything from health, to travel, minimalism and slow living.

[For Happy Vibes]

Listen to your favourite music. Lots of Djs are now doing live/stay-at-home sessions. Tune in to one and dance your socks off without leaving your living room.

Make a travel bucket list. Not sure where to start? Have a look at G Adventures, Lonely Planet for inspiration and start a bucket list board Pinterest

Coffee walks. My daily coffee walk has become the highlight of my day during the lockdown. I put in my headphones and stroll along beautiful Amsterdam canals until I arrive to one of my favourite cafe (aka trying to avoid using ‘coffee shop’, as in Amsterdam coffee shops sell something different haha!)

What are the things you love doing at home? Drop me in comments below

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