May 11, 2019

To new beginnings..

So, last weekend I’ve lost my blog.

A blog I’ve started last summer when I have resigned from my full-time job and decided to take a break.

Eat-Pray-Love style break. Except I didn’t go traveling for months. I didn’t learn a new language. I didn’t fall in love.

I spent 3 months of summer decluttering my brain, house, lifestyle, and relationships. And it felt good. It felt awesome.

I started writing more. Cooking more. Seeing friends more often. I went on a few holidays and festivals.

I loved blogging about my lifestyle re-design, finding a slow life in London, my journey to minimalism, travel stories. And I still do.

What’s happened?

My website got hacked. After several attempts to solve it with my hosting provider, they told me if I hadn’t backed up the content – it’s gone. It was a bit of a shock. Why me? Why my blog?

So, I’ve decided to start from zero. And this time around, I’m backing up every single post.

Life is all about finding those silver linings and turning them into gold here’s to new beginnings!

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