September 14, 2019

What to wear to Oktoberfest and where to get it

Not sure what to wear at Oktoberfest? Check out our guide full of tips what to wear to Oktoberfest including shoes and accessories.

I’ve attended my first Oktoberfest 2 years ago and loved it so much that I’m going again this year. Ohhhh, Oktoberfest! I just cannot wait!

If you’re heading to Munich to attend Oktoberfest, you do need to embrace the full tradition, and by that, I mean to dress accordingly.

I remember researching Oktoberfest outfits very last minute and panicking about getting it wrong. And since I didn’t have enough time (and money) to get a proper dirndl, I ended up getting some-dirndl-looking-dress from eBay which turned out to be quality and nice actually. I was so lucky!

To help you with your outfit selection,  here are my tips for what to wear to Oktoberfest. 


We should obviously start with dirndl  (pronounced dern-DULL) -the traditional dress, hailing from the Alpine areas of Austria and Bavaria.

Dirndl is a 3-piece outfit that consists of a cropped white blouse, full bodice and skirt, and apron. The focus is definitely on the cleavage of a dirndl and corset.

IMPORTANT TIP: The skirt shouldn’t be too short/sexy!

The bow of the apron is the most important indicator of a woman’s marital status.

The bow can be tied in four places: the left, the right, the center, or the back.

If you tie it to your left, it means you’re single. If you tie it to the right, it means you’re taken.

 Center? A virgin. If it’s tied in the back, you’re a widow (or a waitress).


If it’s your first time in Oktoberfest, I’d recommend you get a dirndl where all 3 parts are sold together. It’s usually a cheaper option too.

If you’re like me/not living in Munich – here are online shops where you can order dirndl. – this is an obvious one, especially for Londoners. Amazon’s prime delivery makes any shopping hassle-free, and you can filter down the options by your budget, brand, condition, customer reviews, etc.

Alpenclassics UK – official operator of the trachten shop brand “ALPENCLASSICS, this is an online shop offering a variety of traditional and alpine outfits for men and women. You can change the currency to euros or dollars if required.



The best shoes to wear with a dirndl are either ballerina flats or ankle boots in my opinion. You’ll be on your feet a lot, so make sure you wear comfortable close-toed shoes. If you’re wearing ankle boots a cotton sock with a lace frill on top would look very cute.

Another option would be to wear solid white trainers. They look great with the bright white blouse.



Small Purse – the best option is a small cross-body bag. You really need to keep your bag as small as possible. Not only are large bags not allowed inside the beer tents, but large bags just aren’t very practical.

Wiesn necklace or ribbon choker – this is the most common accessory which should match your dirndl.

Floral headband  – a cute flower crown or headband matching with dirndl or accessories looks super cute. Purchase one beforehand if you know you want to wear it.

Sweater – Autumn is quite chilly in Munich, so lots of people take a sweater with them for the evening. Not every sweater will go with your dress, but the traditional knitted ones will suit it just great.


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